Today is reason to celebrate

For this is the day you were born

You share so much of yourself

The path to your heart is well-worn

You touch all of those that you meet

Always ready to lend a hand

Tender heart with physical strength

You are the true definition of man

True in word and deed

You are respected by family and friends

Holding strong to ideals and beliefs

You are passionate without end

You love with all of your heart

Trusting those that you hold dear

Your dreams you pursue with fervor

Never allowing fear to come near

You are protector, confidant, and ally

You are lover, soul-mate, you are friend

You are someone I want in my life forever

A part of me till life’s very end

So today, your birthday, I celebrate

I sing you melodies; I give you the gift of my heart

I pray you will always be happy

And life’s blessings to you God imparts.

 Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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