Yesterday was but a few hours

Yet yesterday was a different life

I lived in your love; in your fantasy

A fantasy that existed through lies

It's scary how sudden life changes

The present overtaken by the past

Love built on deceit; suddenly shattered

A love that was never meant to last

A heart is broken; a heart is bleeding

Another life torn asunder by your lies

Another woman fooled by your fairy tale

Another life hurt in the blink of an eye

But to you it wouldn’t even matter

If your greed had succeeded to be fed

You care not that you’ve hurt and betrayed her

For you don’t feel love!  Your heart’s truly dead

You’d move on; the journey would continue

For another target is always near

A heart looking for love; for a savior

And miraculously you always appear

Evil exists in many stages

Satan is called by many names

You are but a pawn in his army

Every victory for you is a piece of you he gains

Maybe one day you’ll cry out for mercy

For the bible says it’s never too late

May you see the power he has over you

Before you’re thrown through hell’s flaming gates


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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