Words have so much power

Depending on how they are used

They can make your heart soar

Or take you to the

depths of despair.


Words when spoken in truth

Can withstand any onslaught

But when used without sincerity

Become meaningless


Words can change in interpretation

Depending on the tone of voice

The same words may be spoken

The tone determines what emotion will be evoked


Words can be descriptive

Allowing the blind to see

And when signed allowing the deaf to hear

Through words our minds travel where our bodies may never go


Words govern our world

Through words laws are made

Boundaries are set

Lands are brought together


Words when spoken with love

Save souls, enrich hearts, soothe minds

Words of love form everlasting bonds

Between people and countries


Words when spoken with hate

Evoke wars, death, and ignorance

Words of hate cause sorrow and loss

Of people and of their eternal souls


We must be careful of the words we choose

Words can be weapons that cut to the bone

Or words can comfort and protect all that we love

We must remember that long after our bodies depart

Our words still linger.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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