Who knows?

What tomorrow will bring

Though we all try to plan ahead

To assure that our future is good

Not realizing it hangs by a thread

Daily we plan and we fret

Praying our dreams all come true

Attempting to manipulate fate

But at her mercy when the day is through

Our heart becomes heavy and hard

As each day obstacles appear

Our plans seem to all go awry

Our hope begins to change into fear

Visions of the future can be daunting

When we see it as one way alone

We must yield to the plans of our Maker

And trust that he leads us toward home

That we’ll end up in the place predetermined

That life will turn out as it’s meant to be

That we haven’t failed if our vision is different

We’re in a place we just weren’t meant to see

That God and life work in unison

To take us into a future unknown

In reality our true destination

In reality the place we belong.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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