Who do I believe?

Words come at me from every side

I can’t believe I was so naïve

I can’t believe I was so blind


You seemed to be my Prince Charming

I thought you were sent from above

You were my breath; you gave my life meaning

…The one to whom I dedicated my love


Now I lie in the darkness and I wonder

If any of the words were true

Was there ever love in your heart for me?

Or was I just another target for you


Words come at me from every angle

Whispers about how you were a con

Signs of deception were all around me

Everyone seemed to sense something wrong


Why is it then that life seemed so perfect?

When you held me and whispered my name

When you kissed me I felt warm and protected

On whom do I now cast the blame?


For my heart is being pulled in two directions

My soul…is shattered beyond belief

My mind is confused and dejected

I feel sadness and loneliness without reprieve


I remember our moments together

They seemed warm, sincere, and true

Could those memories be truly empty for you?

Just part of your plan; part of the ruse


Could you truly be that deceptive?

Could you truly be that evil a man?

To speak of love, of God, of our future

While working your own devious plan


Or are these moments truly misconceptions?

Is this all an unfortunate coincidence of time?

Are you a man trapped by misfortune?

With a heart that truly is mine


I know that we will never know the answer

For time in itself changes everything

These days have brought forth doubt and sorrow

Wedding bells in our future will not ring


Our dreams have been broken; have been shattered

By words; by deeds of your past

To cherish; to love one another forever

Have turned in to another love that didn’t last


I give up on trying for true love

I don’t believe it will ever exist

I’m better off alone; free of the heartache

Alone…by myself…I will live



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell




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