Where were you when I needed you?

I turn around and you’re not there

I thought you really cared for me

My problems you would willingly share

You would be there to support and to comfort me

When I felt down… and all alone

You would hold me and take care of me

Not offer support solely by the phone

In my crisis…my moment of darkness

I reached out… seeking your hand

But found you were busy in your own world

Beside me you were not willing to stand

Words can be so convincing…

Promises easily made…

But the truth is found when the need arises

You’re not there; it was all a charade

Life has a way of revealing the truth

Showing me you’re not truly there

Except for your needs; for your own concerns

Your life and time you’re not willing to spare

So my question to you is “where were you?”

But the answer is crystal clear

You’re not with me when I’ve needed you

I have only your words; words found insincere

I’ll make it on my own; I always do

And beside me; I look for you no more

You words have lost meaning…and so have you

Things will never be as they were before

I want someone who will stand with me

When I have needs; their presence does not fade

Someone to be my strength; whom I can call upon

When I feel alone; when I feel afraid

So now it is my turn to walk away from you

To take my heart; never to offer it again

You’ll be someone that exists…for one purpose alone

But you’ll never be more than a so-called “friend”.

So I thank you for the lesson I’ve been taught today

I’m a good student…my lessons I learn well

You are where you are…away from me

My test of faith… today… you did fail

So you are free; no worries; I will not burden you

Your strength and time I will not ask you to give

I will no longer wonder where you are

For what I need; you obviously can’t give


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell





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