Where do You want me?

My heart waits for Your response

My heart is somewhat fearful

Though my body feigns nonchalance

Will my prayers go unanswered?

As I seek guidance from above

Will I be asked leave what is comfortable

To do service for the One I love

Do I stay safe within my life today?

Let others always take the lead

Do with enthusiasm what is asked of me

Yet into the background always recede

Or do I stand at the front for You?

Allow others to witness my flaws

Not be perfect in my work for You

Yet do it willingly for Your cause

Will I disappoint You my Father?

If I do not have the gift that it takes

To glorify You in this mission field

My efforts… laden with mistakes

Or do I disappoint you more Lord?

When I am silenced by my own fear

Inexperienced; fighting insecurities

Fears of failing unfounded: yet sincere

My heart asks You to whisper Your answer

To show me how I may glorify Your name

To place me… where You want me

Through my life; Your love I’ll proclaim


  Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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