I am so thankful that I have you

As a confidante; as a friend

Forever etched in my heart

My love to you I send

You are someone that I treasure

A vibrant passionate soul

You fill my world with excitement

I’ve found a love rarely known

You give me a sense of freedom

Seldom found between woman and man

With you I’ve found compassion

You love meas I am

You comfort me when I need you

You give me strength when I am weak

You offer words of guidance

When your wisdom I do seek

Though miles may separate us

I never feelalone

Your words; they touch me deeply

Though only whispered through the phone

And when we are together

Dare I saythere issuch lust?

Passion overtakes prudence

I can’t resist... your touch

With you there is honesty

No hidden agendas; no games

There are no false assumptions

Our desires are the same

With you I’ve found true love

Though it’s love in a different sense

It’s a love based upon faith and trust

It’s the love of two best friends

It’s a love that will last forever

It will stand the onslaught of time

I hope to forever hold your heart

As you will foreverhold mine.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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