When I was young and innocent…

I believed that love was; a fairy tale.

My Prince Charming would come for me.

And into the sunset we would sail.

I am older now and wiser…

And my view on love has changed.

The story book has been left behind.

All the characters…rearranged.

My Prince Charming has come and gone.

“Happily ever after” was not to be.

Now I search again; for love.

But…what is love to me?

Is it the butterflies I feel …

Whenever I hear his name?

Or is it the one always there for me…

When there is nothing for him to gain?

Is it when we talk for hours…

The conversation never ends?

Or is it the one who really listens…

Yet is always just “a friend”?

Is it spending time together…

Never being apart?

Or is it, simply, knowing that person…

Holds a place within my heart?

Will love fueled by passion’s fire…

Inevitably disappear?

Is love that’s slow and steady…

The one to persevere?

The question is “What is love?”

The answer may not be known.

Whether a love is true…

Will be judged by time; alone.

Love, Love; my fairy tale

Take me back to a simpler time

When I knew my prince; Love was true;

And “Happily ever after” was mine. 



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell






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