Boots touch the soil he has longed for

Covering the dust of the war left behind

Dust mingled with sweat, blood, and tears

Of brothers, of “family” still holding the line

His body has yearned for this moment

For the touch of his family back home

As he sat surrounded by sounds of war

Fighting for a country…not of his own

He has fought for ideals he believes in

Freedom paid for by the red, white, and blue

The ultimate sacrifice by daughters and sons

The soldier’s calling; what he’s chosen to do

He goes forth; marching into an uncertain future

Knowing each day may mark his life’s end

He says a prayer as he closes his eyes

His soul weeps for lost brothers and friends

This soldier’s body has survived the onslaught

Of weapons; of the physical harm of war

But his mind will be scarred by emotion within

His life altered; his mind innocent no more

Courage supersedes; what was innocence

Allowing his existence as he fought to survive

Courage fueled by prayers carried to God

Home safely; our brave soldier arrives

Welcome home… defender of the innocent

You fight for freedom; at the loss of your own

Forever in your debt; each American remains

As hearts rejoice; our soldier’s safely home!


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell                                                          


















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