We survive ….We never give up…

We persevere because God has a plan

He has purpose for all we endure

We are His masterpiece; we are… woman and man

In every life there is heartache and strife

There are times when we cry “Why Lord…me?”

We listen as we wait for His answer

Sometimes hearing nothing we must continue to believe

We must hold strong to our faith and our prayers

Believing… He will always find a way

To show us He is with us; He is near

We will not be burdened with more than we can take

There are times when even our souls seem in pain

Our strength gone; our lives near the end

He will show us a way through the darkness

His own strength; His spirit; He will send

For our Lord prepares us for His Heaven

He gives us the tools we will need to get in

Tools we seem to find in our darkest hours

When we ignore distractions and seek from within

For our true gift…His treasure…is within us

Our soul… is our greatest… strength of all

It uses despair… hurt… and betrayal

To turn us to God; not allowing us to fall

In His care…we will survive…we will conquer:

Our despair… our heartache… our fear

We will be stronger… than we could ever imagine

Knowing with prayer; our Lord is always near

I will trust in His strength, in His purpose

I will allow… His will to be done

I entrust my life…my present…my future

To the Father… the Holy Spirit… the Son.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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