Walk away…

And don’t look back

He’s not worth the effort

Look at the facts

He’s cheated and he’s lied

And it’s only just begun

He’s not looking for true love

He’s just looking for fun

Don’t listen to his words

If he tries to make you see

That it’s all a misunderstanding

In him you have to believe

For he’s only found a new challenge

You must not get  away

You can’t be the one to leave

That’s not how his game is played

He has to win your heart

It’s all part of the plan

There’s a method to this madness

He’s in control; he’s the man

So you mustn’t walk away

Leave him stranded; on his own

Until he’s ripped your heart in two

He’s not going to let you go


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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