I trust him she whispers to herself

Sharing secrets held deep within

She’s never told another soul

Not even her closest friends

It’s something held deep inside

Hidden throughout the years

The catalyst for all of her pain

The root of all of her fears

Her heart beats fast within her

Does she tell him?  Does she dare?

Why does she feel this need?

Her deepest secrets, with him, to share

Will he turn away from her?

Will she feel the shame?

Will her past come back to haunt her?

Will she be able to get through the pain?

Will he understand her?

Or will he walk away?

Can he deal with her emotions?

Is he here to stay?

She seems to sense a trust in him

She feels she has found the one.

Who can help her carry the burden?

He will help her overcome

She’s always been the strong one

Never allowing anyone near

To the burden that she carries

To her weakness and her fear

But now she opens up

Her total being free to share

Knowing that he’ll comfort her

Knowing he’ll still care

He’ll take her and lift her up

Higher than she’s ever been

Lighter because he’s taken away

Her burden, her self-judged sin

He’ll hold her and he’ll comfort her

He’ll wipe away every tear

He’s her savior, her knight, her confidant

Beside him, she has no fear

So to this man; her trust she will impart

She will bear her heart and soul

She will tell him of her life; her past

A place previously she dared not go.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell







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