My heart breaks when I think of tomorrow

Will the grief of that day never end?

I think of the lives that were taken

The magnitude…still hard to comprehend

I remember September 11

Started out just like any other day

Life in a typical workplace

Changed to memories that won’t go away

I can’t imagine being at Ground Zero

Of the sights, sounds and smells of that day

Because I know watching dumbfounded on TV

Wretched my soul; I couldn’t look away

I felt fear for the future of my country

I felt grief for the souls lost that day

I felt anguish that something like this could happen

My sense of peace brutally ripped away

It’s been years but I can’t shake the feeling

Of foreboding that comes as the day draws near

I wonder if time can truly heal this

Erase the heartache, the tears, and the fear

I ponder how any man could do this

Believe any ideal is worth so many lives

Believing that God created every living thing

To destroy another…you have no right

But you have taken the words of the Creator

And become judge, executioner, you’ve played God

You’ve become the very thing you fight against

For you’ve forgotten God’s forgiveness and love

So I guess now is the time to stand together

For all religions to practice what they preach

To forgive, pray for souls, and love our enemies

To cry, but not let hatred; our souls breach

My tears will flow as I remember tomorrow

And all that was lost on that infamous day

Knowing without doubt that I’ll never understand…

…But putting it all before God as I pray.



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

September 10, 2006


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