Why does love always stay hidden?

Why do I always choose the wrong man?

Open my life and heart to one not worthy

And end up picking up the pieces again

I seek love with the purest intentions

Of sharing myself, my life, my dreams

But each time my heart ends up broken

And I wonder what falling in love really means

I seem to FALL every time I trust another

My dreams shattered by yet another man

With words soft and rich like velvet

And a heart intent on stealing all that I am

Why does love seem to always stay hidden?

Or am I just looking, always, in the wrong place?

I search his eyes, never seeing his deception

Only his charms, his strength, his grace

Am I blind? Is there something I’m missing?

When I’m searching the heart, the soul, of a man

Isn’t love pure regardless of gender?

Isn’t there a man searching for the same thing I am?

Am I living in fantasy?  Being totally unrealistic?

Or is something wrong with me that I can’t seem to find love?

Does my life undeserve? Is it fate? Is it karma?

I need answers I cry to God above

Help me please, I just don’t understand this

Send me love; send me someone to share my dreams

I am tired of seeking love that stays hidden

Let me fall in love; feel true love as it’s meant to be


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell




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