My life feels chaotic; I’m laboring

With not enough hours in each day

Fatigue… is my constant companion

Overwhelmed… too tired to pray

Days; are filled with commitments

Wearing down; a body once strong

The darkness no longer a beacon of rest

But an extension of a day already long

I work so many hours to pay my debts

Exhaustion overtakes me; yet denies sleep

Thinking of the worries tomorrow brings

Overwhelmed… I do nothing but weep

The burden is heavy; my shoulders droop

My sight is limited to the path beneath my feet

Your Day is another workday (without You)

Your comfort; your strength I cease to seek

Where did I lose my desire for You?

When did I lose you within my day?

How did I think I could do this alone?

Why have I seemed to have lost my way?

My heart is hurting; crying out for You

In the way… a lost soul calls Your name

Seeking Your presence… forever near

Forgiveness; without repercussion; or shame

The world moves on; as I stop and hold on to You

Relinquishing burdens; fears that ruled my soul

Trusting a way will be revealed to me

Time for You; to be with me; feeling whole 

My burdens still exist in this world I’ve made

But are lighter when shared with the One above

My debt still exists; but without lingering fear

For all is possible when guided by a Father’s love

As I walk on this earth I will gaze up at You

Feel Your love as You guide me on my way

Sharing my laughter, my tears and my fears… with you

Making time for You… each and every day.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell 

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