I see the beauty of the land through your words.

I envision mountain tops that seem to touch the clouds.

There are majestic pieces of the mountain along the terrain.

Not mere rocks, but rough-hewn boulders that lie along paths.

Positioned by the hand of God as a place to sit and contemplate the wonders of this land.


I see the river that flows through these mountains.

Rolling over rocks and boulders, foam forms;

As if the clouds themselves have fallen from the sky into this body of water.


The water appears as a beautiful piece of turquoise;

With the colors of brown, green, and blue that seems to blend together.

The eye cannot distinguish where one color ends and another begins.


I see the trees that stand tall and proud upon this land.

Each clothed in its own unique foliage. Each leaf; a piece of art.

As sunlight filters through the canopy I can see emerald green, 14 karat gold, and ruby red.

The branches, clothed in this cacophony of colors, seem to reach toward the heavens.

The trunks, like pirate trunks of old that held immeasurable treasure, hold nature’s treasure. 

They hold within them, the history of this land; of seasons weathered and time conquered. 


As I dream of this land that you have described; I begin to hear music.

I hear pebbles rolling down the mountainside.

I hear the water as it cascades over rocks; raindrops of glass falling upon itself.

I hear the leaves rustling in the wind; pieces of silk brushing together as the wind blows.

Birds are singing. Nature’s music is everywhere.

Even in the stillest moment there is a symphony of sounds.

God’s music in our “Garden of Eden”.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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