My heart is broken…yet again

By one I’ve dared to love

I wipe away another tear

Screaming out to God above

Why do I always choose to love?

A man that will bring me pain

He sleeps while my heart is torn in two

My soul and body drained

His words have cut me to the core

Why did I ever think I’d win?

In the game of love; the dice are thrown

It’s ending…the same as it’s always been

The love I give is never enough

To change the outcome of the past

Though I’ve prayed for love a thousand times

In my life …it never seems to last

You’d think I’d learn to protect myself

To let not another person in

Keep up a wall to protect my heart

See love… as a deadly sin

For each time I love; I lose myself

Lose another piece of heart to the pain

Why can’t I accept it’s just not meant to be?

And not open my heart up again

I want to live each moment alone…

Enjoy the man; yet never open to love

Keep my heart… in a cold icy place

Forget the fairy tales I’ve dreamed of

Because life doesn’t bring the prince anymore

My soul-mate truly doesn’t exist

Love is… but a dream never achieved

Its lure I must learn to resist.


Written by TaVona S Treadwell


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