Another night, another date

This night seemed so long

It didn’t take a rocket scientist

To know this date was wrong

He arrived at my house at 7:00

Dressed in t-shirt and jeans

I don’t know who he was trying to impress

But I know it definitely wasn’t me

Last week was our first date

He held the door to the car

This time he jumped in first

Unlocked my side; pushed the door ajar

As we headed to our destination

I smelled the odor of alcohol

And I thought this can’t be real

He’s been drinking and he’s behind the wheel of a car

It’s one thing if I drink

And then chose to drive

It’s another to be the passenger

With someone else playing with my life

We arrive at the concert

And as we’re standing in line

He says things totally inappropriate

I’m thinking this is truly a sign

I’d kinda had my doubts

But had decided to give him a chance

Maybe he was just naïve and innocent

Maybe it was too soon to take a stance

I’d been feeling a little guilty

Because he spoke of God and his search for love

I’d felt our paths had crossed for a reason

What if he was the answer from above

But after tonight I just feel tired

I know this relationship would turn out wrong

I’m too old, cynical, and honestly

I’m tired of the same old song.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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