The delicate…petal of the rose

Is exposed as the flower yields its bloom

Protected by the thorn upon its stem

As I am…protected by you

The rose petal…my heart so delicate

The rose…love in bloom

Will blossom; true to love’s vivid beauty

Allowed to flower; protected by you

The rose exudes an essence…so sweet

Seeming to beckon the desire to come too near

The thorn; unobtrusive…lies waiting

To deliver a warning; powerful and clear

I am your rose; you hold the petal; you hold my heart

Your love protects me; as the thorn protects the rose

For my essence is meant for only you

Together; our love will blossom and grow

This rose will yield… the eternal bloom

Of love; as love was intended to be

Your heart; your protection; your strength

Whispers… love’s promise to me


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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