The petals of the rose…fall gently

The flower’s time on this earth…is done

Blessed; by its fragrance and splendor

Unique and majestic; each one

Love…uses the rose; as its symbol

Velvet petals; symbolic of Love’s touch

Colors; symbolic of degree of emotion

Sweet fragrance; reminiscent of so much

Love’s rose…beckons all lovers

Come forth…breathe in…the sweet scent

Lose yourself; deep in its splendor

Hold gently; velvet petals upon skin

Nature whispers guidance; should we stop to listen

Warning: Never hold Love’s flower too tight

For the rose; Love’s essence…is protected

The thorn ensures the grasp on her is light

Handle Love and your lover; with reverence

Hold gently; as you would handle the rose

The man; symbolic thorn; the protector

Guards the rose; guards the heart; he now owns


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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