My heart is aching; I’m missing you

My son; my boy; this young man

You’re out in the world; you’ve found your way

As a mother; I’ve done the best that I can


I think upon your life as I guided you

I reflect on things done right and things done wrong

I thank God… for directing and guiding you

For giving you a heart that is true and is strong


Within life there will always be obstacles

Disappointments and areas where we fail

A man… of good morals…of good character

Will overcome; He… will always prevail


You have shown your strength; irrepressible

You have shown your will to succeed

You have chosen a path for your future

In you my son…..I will always… believe


I am proud of your spirit; of your accomplishments

I am proud of the man you’ve become

As you begin this journey into your future

I feel blessed… to call you my son


May God bless you and keep you; is my prayer for you

May His presence in your heart remain strong

Trust in Him; in His wisdom; in His guidance

And as a man…you will never go wrong


My hope for your future…is for happiness

For the realization of all of your dreams

That the man you’ve become never wavers

You hold strong to who you are; to your beliefs


There is pride and love when I think of you

When I close my eyes it is your smile that I see

A child’s smile… carried into the future

A smile upon… the man… you will be.



Written (with all my love) by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

To my son…Austen



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