I hold in my hands the heart of my man

A heart that has been tattered and bruised

One would think…it would be hard and cold

But I feel…the warmth flowing through

This heart has persevered sneers and taunts

A childhood of dodging “sticks and stones”

Hurt and confused: surviving nonetheless

But feeling outcast; discarded; alone

Searching for his way; his purpose in life

Finding strength from the reservoir within

Passion and truth…guiding his way

Refusing to give up; to ever give in

The heart perseveres through all it endures

Victorious; as the boy grows to man

Looking within; seeing truth and strength

Triumphant; realizing “I am proud of who I am”

The past is the past; the future is open

Passion; this heart’s guiding light

Cloaked in my love; protected and secure

Guarding his heart; thru the cold darkest night

I will honor his trust; being true in my love

Temptation has settled…into dust

His heart is my world; my treasure to hold

Never to be burdened with the weight of mistrust

I am his.  He is mine.  We are titled as such

Ownership of the heart; we do claim

To protect and nurture; love’s sacred fire

Smoldering embers ignite passion’s flame


His heart; in my hands; I hold to my chest

The rhythm of two…becomes one

Stronger now…bound by love

Infinite possibilities; of what is to come


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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