The heart of a man I was told…

Was hard… was strong

It was guarded and protected

Only to him; it would belong

A man’s heart was never fragile

Needn’t be handled with care

Even in times of crisis

Well…his heart would fare

But in a time; recent

To my distress, I’ve come to find

A man’s heart can be damaged

By deception and by lies

A friend hurt the heart of a lover

Doing a deed she thought… right

But any deed done through deception

Will always produce a fight

And now I must fight for the heart

Of a man that once was mine

Not knowing if he will forgive

If his heart will mend with time

The heart of a man may seem distant

May seem to endure more than would mine

But when it’s bruised, it’s torn, even shattered

This man’s heart I may not again find



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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