The forgotten ones are crying…

They are the hearts that are… forever broken

Torn apart by guilt and abuse

They are the victims… who have not yet spoken

Adult bodies with the fears of a child

As they deal with a past filled with hurt

They see that the world; that people have not changed

The world keeps moving just side-stepping the dirt

For there are issues that are not dealt with

No matter how many times they are brought forth

People murmur and say “how horrible”

But continue on their same path on this earth

Not able to see hands reaching out to them

Not willing to take their heads out of the clouds

Not hearing hearts breaking; souls crying in pain

Calling for someone to notice;… to speak out loud

Many victims are silenced; if only by their own minds

For fear they will cause hurt… to family and friends

They endure the abuse… for the sake of others

Days turn in to years…yet the hurt… never ends

For every victim cries out; seeking help

Be it in quiet… and subtle ways

Hoping someone will notice… will stop…

Make the fear and hurt go away.

But with every similar news story

There is only heartache… and pain

As lies, and blame and cover-ups

Are seen… again and again

And one begins to think; “what’s the use?”

I might as well face this… alone

For to bring forth… the truth

Will destroy my life, my family, my home

Until this world says …“No More!”

Is willing to face the “ugliness”; take a stand

There will always be…the “forgotten ones”

Crying in silence…with outstretched hands.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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