Darkness… surrounds you

Envelops you like a shroud

You cling tight to its edge

Head and shoulders… bowed

Your eyes never look up

Never seek a glimpse of light

You find comfort in the dark

Hidden within the depths of night

Burdens of the world around you

Are too much for you to bear

Your chest and breath are heavy

Reprieve and rest… seem rare

Contemplating… on life

Answers seem hard to find

Why are you being punished?

Dark thoughts engage the mind

Life for you is… tedious

As you struggle through each day

Knowing time will bring you closer

To the end for which you pray

You sing a song of death

Seeking relief from the pain

Washing away this life

A cold dark cleansing rain

What will it take to reach you?

How do I gain your trust?

To lift you from this madness

As demons turn to dust

The answer is within you

You must rise above the decay

Scatter the darkest remnants

Push… the shadows away

Allow your heart to open

Release your soul from night

Let darkness linger… no more

Restore God’s wondrous light


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell 

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