He wears the feather of courage

It glistens as it lies against his hair

Like the eagle; he is revered

For he protects all that is precious to him

He defends his land and his family

He has shown courage in times of adversity

His heart soars as he looks down upon his village

His people are happy; his brothers are strong

Mother earth has treated them well

He pays homage to her generosity

He will protect her from all that would harm her

He has seen destruction in the past few years

Through the white man that multiplies upon her land

He sees the waste and greed that follows in their path

And wonders when the path of the white man

And Mother Earth’s chosen will cross

He knows that it will be a bloody battle

That all of his courage and strength will be tested

But it is a battle that he must fight and he must win

For his Mother has given her gifts to his people

She has fed and clothed them

She has taught them how to survive

They have grown strong within her terrain

He hears her call his name in the rushing wind and knows

Soon …it will be time.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

Native American Theme Contest


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