His hands take the material before him

Pieces insignificant when viewed on their own

He fits each piece as if parts of a puzzle

Art created from mere sticks and stones

He sits alone no distractions

The quiet a canvas; white and clear

His mind forever creative; forever working

His toolshis comfortalways near

He works slowly; aged hands of experience

Bringing forth the visions of his mind

The physical body may be restricted

But his mind; will not be confined

His art will be his legacy

Cherished treasures created by his hands

A part of the artist; bearing his uniqueness

Each piece; imparting memories of this man

His artallows the artistimmortality

Art; being an expression of his heart

A glimpseat the man; at the artist

As his creativity; his visionhe imparts

His art; his vision is simplistic

He sees art in nature; in ordinary things

His handsbring forth; created beauty

Through his art; his soul softly sings


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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