I spend today thinking about what I’m most thankful for…

Searching my heart…finding the words true

Counting the blessings I’ve been bestowed in this life

Realizing Lord…I’m most thankful for You


I give thanks… for my family and my friends

For those who surround me with comfort and love

For those who will share my heart till the end

Knowing each was sent by You; my Father above


I give thanks for… the air that I breathe

For the beauty that surrounds me every day

For nature’s wonders created by Your hands

Within earth’s majesty; I walk the path You have laid


I give thanks for…prayers bearing my name

For my Father who answers every prayerful call

For Your grace, Your love, and Your strength

I need daily; as I stumble and I fall


I give thanks for…the obstacles I overcome

For the strength that gets me through…each day

For the “bad” that will produce something good

Trusting if I put it before You; You will show me Your way


I give thanks for…love in my life

For love’s journey and every lesson learned

For the joy that surpasses the pain it can bring

For the One love; freely given; never earned


I give thanks for…all… seen and unseen

For my journey tomorrow and the memories of my past

For giving me the vision… to see You… in me

Hoping to serve you first; and my self “needs” last


Thanks is given… to You every day

As my purpose in this world You unfold

I thank You… in every prayer that I pray

For allowing me to be a heart… that You hold


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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