It is said in the bible that God

Will give us no more than we can bear

But I feel my strength tested

At the thought of you not here

I want to always hear your laughter

To see the love within your eyes

Feel the strength of you beside me

Feel your hand take hold of mine

This world will be lost without you

The thought too sad to comprehend

How will I ever live each day?

Without you; forever my best friend

You’ve always been there to guide me

You’ve loved me with all of your heart

Accepted me and my imperfections

Love unconditional; you would always impart

My dreams were always important to you

You were behind me every step of the way

To catch me should I stumble in my daily life

For my success and happiness you prayed

You were happy when life was good to me

You wiped the tears whenever I would fall

You always caught my hand and lifted me

You would rescue me; taking care of all

But time and lifetest our strength

Courage shown in many different ways

I know that we are in an unknown place

Afraid of what in our future we must face

Courage and strength I still see in you




Though the body feels the onslaught of time

Bits and pieces; figuratively taken away

Yet the strength of your love will forever be mine

I know I now must be the strength for you

Returning the love; that always you have shown

I will lift you up; in body and soul

Prepare for the journey; one must make alone

I will remember the Lord has you in His hands

His strength you will now forever share

You will still be there to comfort me

An angel holding me in times of despair

I will have faith in Him; feel the strength

That the Lord to each of us imparts

I will be strong for you; I will trust in him

Holding you both; forever; in my heart


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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