I’ve often wondered what mattered most

When searching for the love of my life

Romantic, stable, self-sufficient

A body strong…with soulful eyes

As time has passed my needs have changed

The above has been found; All… in Me

I no longer need the physicalness of a man

I need and desire a new kind of strength

I want a man with the fortitude…

And the strength to carry my heart

When it’s burdened with hurt… and despair

He holds me… till the sadness departs

I want a man with the receptiveness

Of one comfortable… with his own soul

To hold my heart inundated with happiness

Close to his own… unwilling to let go

I want… a man; a Godly man…

Not afraid to show his love… of the Lord

For only through Him does he possess true strength

The strength …I now… look for

My heart is full…overflowing with treasure

Precious gifts; sent from God above

In need of a man; of compassion and strength

Able to cherish… a heart filled with love

I want a man with strength… within

The courage…to live his life right

A man that will hold and keep my heart

In the presence of his love every night


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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