Sleep; my body’s reprieve …eludes me…

Though exhaustion… calls my name

My mind… is filled with worry

My heart… is filled with pain

My prayers seem to go unheeded

I hear no answers from above

I yearn… to hear His whisper

Feel the comfort… of His love

The safety of one I love is questioned

My sense of comfort crumbles at my feet

There is no hiding from thoughts of danger

A facade of strength admits defeat

I pray a safe journey is tendered

I pray for blessings from God above

His presence my loved one feels

And the protection of Fatherly love

I know… each day is numbered

And only He knows when life will end

I pray this love outlives me

For my broken heart would never mend

Dear Lord…release my worries

Allow my tortured soul…some rest

Taking my fears, my pain, and my weakness

You rest my head against your breast



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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