I treasure the silence within me

The place where my heart truly sings

The silence envelops my soul's desires

It hears... what my soul truly dreams


The sounds of the world surround me

Stifling the words... within my mind

Can't hear the thoughts within me

As they disappear thru onslaught of time


I look inside searching for answers…

To questions…that torture my soul

For I feel God talks to me; within me

In the silence; my understanding does grow


In silence…alone…I am able…

To find answers; hidden deep in my soul

To listen; to hear my heartbeat within me

To follow where He does want me to go


Silence…brings to me the wisdom…

Without distraction of the world and its claim

It allows me to hear…ME…not others

To trust my spirit; God’s voice…once again


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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