She believes in you as her Savior

In Your guidance and unwavering love

She knows that You are forever with her

Reaching out from the heavens above

She feels Your breath …all around her

She feels strength when she whispers Your name

She knows the joy of loving You…

Offers comfort… against earthly pain

Hearts hear … Your voice from within

Undiluted by the world’s deafening noise

Her faith magnifies the sounds from her heart

Unconditional love; flows through His voice

For the Lord’s love is the only true love

Pure… without fear of deceit

Though time and again we seek it on earth

In the eyes and hearts of those that we meet

Her prayers …she puts before You

Prayers for strength and heavenly grace

As she closes her eyes as the day comes to end

Swathed in the warmth of heaven’s embrace

She believes in You; her Lord and Savior

In the Father; the Spirit; the Son

She holds true Your word; faith unwavering

Assuring Your will on this earth will be done


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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