Life can pass in an instant

From this world; to heaven afar

Memories of love; a treasure priceless

Overflowing; infinite as the stars

But occasionally a second chance is granted

For the souls purpose is unfulfilled; is undone

The path home may be slow; may be painful

Each step a victory; a new journey begun

Lives will change; by one forever altered

Battles are fought; obstacles are overcome

Endurance is tested; family pulls together

The strength of love from many surrounds one

“The meaning of life”; no longer a question

As each breath celebrates a love kept near

Eyes are open to the wonders God created

In times of crisis; life’s purpose appears clear

We are here to touch those God puts before us

The significance of the touch at times unknown

As our life flows through the river of another

God merges our essence with the touch of His own

We must be joyful of each day we are granted

Let go… the inequities of our past

Search not… for what this world owes us

For the treasures of this world seldom last

We know not what destiny lies before us

In our life; no second chance guaranteed

We must live and celebrate each breath before us

Our lives reaching; as if predestined; those in need


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell…in honor of TJ











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