Prayers are whispered to Heaven

As he searches in earnest for love

Searching for his soul’s… true mate

Till she’s found; he will never give up

He has chosen and cherished hearts before her

Hoping and praying that he has found “the one”

But seeing his efforts fail; as time passes

Realizing… his search… was not yet done

He questions why the loves he has chosen

Never seem to withstand the onslaught of time

Hearts he’s treasured…and he’s protected

Were again not the love he was meant to find

He wonders if he will ever taste true love

As he remembers a girl from long ago

He lives within the love of her memory

A love he felt from the first magical hello

He dreams of her….when he dreams of true love

It is her face he sees as his eyes begin to close

She holds his heart within her fingers

“She loves me; she loves me not”; each petal of the rose

With effort he moves forward without her

Never truly understanding what went wrong

His heart sings… a lonely, yearning melody

His life empty without the beauty of her song

He reaches out searching for answers

Maybe another love will offer shelter from the pain

New beginnings; another quest for true love

 He closes his eyes; yet her vision remains

So he wonders…was this his one true love?

Or is there love in his future that will come?

He prays… searching for an answer…

To his past or his future; will love succumb?

So he searches for love; for answers

He lives; for the love within his dreams

Within his past; his present; or his future

He yearns for the emotion; the joy true love brings

He will journey; carrying her love within him

Use her memory as a judge for love that’s real

Slowly opening… his heart to new love

Believing true love in time will be revealed


His heart is free; yet his heart is taken

Love is complicated; love is always insane

But love is worth the risk of… heartache

The ecstasy ….overshadows past pain

His heart… searches for that emotion

His body… craves a loving touch

His mind….moves him steadily forward

Moving slowly from the memory of past love


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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