So many… questions before me

So many… answers unknown

My mind won’t be settled

As I deal with problems alone

There are many of those around me

Freely… offering advice

But there are… so many “answers”

It’s hard to determine; which one is right

My life seems to always have drama

Though I attempt to leave drama alone

It takes hold of the “good” in my life

Overpowering; refusing to let go

It fills my life with questions

What do I do?  Which way do I turn?

Do I trust… my future decisions?

Mistakes…become lessons learned

I question the pathways I’ve chosen

I question the pursuit of my dreams

I question the “answers” before me

Questioning if it’s as bad as it seems

I know that with time drama passes

There is an answer; always a way out

I’ll labor, pray, have perseverance

Try to rid myself of any self-doubt

So why does this uneasiness linger

Questions continue to flow through my mind

Where is my light at the end of the tunnel?

Where’s my reassurance that life will be fine?

Lord, I ask you to free me from this drama

Where Satan… attempts to take hold

To use Your name in all answers before me

Knowing… I’m never fighting alone

For within You… all answers are given

With You… every answer is right

There is no question that cannot be answered

When guided by Your Holy Light.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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