I am overwhelmed by my mere existence

By the effort to get through another day

My mind is burdened with worry

My heart is filled… with dismay

I try to rise above the shadows

But darkness envelops my soul

Weakness and fear hold me under

Foreboding and regret won’t let go

I search for escape from this madness

A tearful plea for release from this pain

But my prayers seem to go unanswered

As overwhelming sadness takes over again

I fight… to keep all I have worked for

I fight… to keep my debtors at bay

I wonder how life became so jaded

How my life ended up in disarray

Blessings are obscured by tearful vision

Happiness suppressed by a heavy heart

Worry invades my every moment

I pray… this darkness will soon depart

My body seeks solace from the nightmare

From the darkness and fear that seems to reign

Silent tears flow; rivers of mercy

As I sink deeper into the abyss once again

I pray for the Light… to shine upon me

To feel the warmth; feel the Light from above

Feel comfort and hope all around me

Step from the dark; feel the essence of love

For a time…I will tread through this darkness

Knowing it consumes for a brief moment of time

But life brings forth dreams, hope, and happiness

And in time; again… those feelings will be mine


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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