He fell from the heavens not quite 19 years ago

Our fallen angel with piercing eyes of blue

A boy… full of strength and determination

When he made up his mind; you knew he’d see it thru

He had a vision; He knew what he was after

Even though at times he seemed to have lost his way

His journey through life at times; a hard road to travel

But his dreams gave him strength to face each new day

As he grew into a man; the world seemed to overtake him

Offering treasures; though only gained at a price

Youthful innocence yielded to the temptation

Of the desires; of the “wants”; of the “things” that entice

His heart was good; he understood compassion

His loyalty and respect never questioned by friends

He would take the blame for the sake of a brother

Knowing he would be punished; forced to make amends

He paid his debt when he was judged by society

Never losing hope or losing sight of his dreams

Focusing on what he wanted to accomplish

Ready to take on whatever the future would bring

Yet the future was shattered in a 10th of a second

We are left with a void; with no chance of goodbye

So many unspoken words left between us

Unanswered questions; inconsolable “whys?”

Our fallen angel is now at peace with his Father

He is lifted up…into heaven’s domain

He feels the strength of God’s love around him

He feels the acceptance he fought so hard to attain

He is home again; safe and protected

Fiercely guarded; as if in his mother’s arms

His battles have changed; yet he is still the warrior

Protecting those he loves; from injury and harm

God will use Brandon; earth’s fallen angel

There is a purpose in our life; for all we endure

His soul will suffer no more earthly battles

But will fight with a purpose… driven and pure.

Written by TaVona…one of Brandon’s many “2nd” moms











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