You say you were hurt as a child

That; is not to be used as an excuse

Because if you’ve experienced the heartache; the pain

Then it’s an excuse that should never be used

How can you destroy the life of another?

Inflict that pain on another human being

When you’ve lived through the anguish; the guilt

Know the damage; the scars you’ll be leaving

We each have been given free will

We know the difference between what is right and wrong

To force another into this cycle of pain

Is a sign of weakness, not a soul that is strong

So don’t tell me stories about how you were abused

Of how you’ve lived such a hard, horrible life

Because you lived…you got through it …you survived

You could have won…if you’d done what was right

But instead you inflict evil on another

You rip…you tear another soul to shreds

You spread the deceit… the betrayal… the abuse

In truth you’d be better off dead

For in the beginning…you were innocent…you were victim

Your past …was your past…you had no choice

But now you’ve become just another monster

With an excuse…you’ve given evil a voice

I feel not for you…..but for your soul

For in the end… you will surely pay the price

Not for your past…but for your present choices

You’ll pay with your soul… at the end of this life.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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