I can’t imagine you sitting in a jail cell

I can’t imagine what you must feel

The nightmare that holds you prisoner

Wondering if this life can be real


I sit on this side questioning innocence

Hearing words that could be truth or lie

Wondering if you’re the man I’ve imagined

Or the man of these stories; devoid of pride


I’m hearing stories of a man so evil

Devoid of compassion; only out for his own gain

One who hurts and manipulates others

Taking their heart, their money, their name


I wonder…as I remember our moments

Then also… remember subtle lies

Were they precursors to an evil that would befall us?

Is there truly a dark side to your life?


Or are you innocent?  Caught in a moment

Trapped by a mistake…far into your past

Good; with the heart of a gentleman

With love and generosity unmatched


Do you suffer as you sit alone; despondent?

Wondering where those you love have all gone

Where is…your rescuer…your lover?

As you sit desolate and alone


Your cell is cold and dirty

You’ve been dealt a blow; unprepared

You’re innocent; you’re calling please help me!

No one answers…you sit alone and scared


I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to leave you

I wasn’t brave enough to answer the call

I didn’t risk myself to help you

I’m praying I haven’t let you fall


I’m afraid I’ll always live this moment

Again and again in my mind

Knowing I left you when you called me

I couldn’t distinguish between truths or lie


I don’t deserve to ever love another

Because I professed love yet not knew the man

If truth or lie I can’t distinguish at this moment

I don’t ever want to fall in love again


Love is …truth of a feeling

Love is the truth of the heart

I’ve loved yet the truth eludes me

Love and my life…will forever stay apart


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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