Follows me like a shadow

Every time light shines on my life

It finds me

When the light of love surrounds me

I become anxious

Because I know loneliness will come

It is inevitable

I glimpse its darkness

Even on my brightest day

It comes in the form

Of self-doubt; of jealousy

It has planted those seeds

Through its persistence in my past

The harder I try to avoid it

The more prevalent it becomes

It manifests itself as desperation

It overtakes me

As I try to escape

Loneliness comes easy

It’s true love

That seems to slip through my fingers

Bringing forth loneliness; yet again

It thrives upon my heartache

It encompasses my soul

It will take my will if I allow it

But I am strong

I see through its darkness

And catch a glimpse of light

It is all I need

I will never concede to loneliness

I will fight even unto my last breath

Loneliness may win a few battles

But I will win the war


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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