My tears flow… in remembrance

Of the love that once our hearts shared

Love I compared to… no other

Love that seemed the answer to prayer


My tears flow…out of confusion

As my heart can’t comprehend the loss

My mind searches for answers

Not believing our feelings were false


My tears flow… from sadness

Knowing you are… truly gone

Missing your touch, your words, your face

Even missing your love…be it wrong


My tears flow…because of passion

Passion I’ve again misplaced

Given again to a heart untrue

Misguided or fooled by fate


My tears flow…never-ending

Refusing to give me reprieve

Flowing from a heart…broken again

As I pray for the pain to leave


My tears …may they wash away your presence

May they cleanse you from my heart; erase the pain

Cloud the memories… as they rise to the surface

Bringing forth… my tears… yet again.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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