My strength comes from within

It’s not measured by muscle or brawn

Though it’s been developed through work and pain

It’s what’s in my heart that makes me strong

I have the strength to deal with life’s disappointments

When all doesn’t go as I’ve planned

When my life seems to change its direction

When my future seems out of my hands

I have the strength to recover from heartache

When one that I’ve loved… has been lost

Taken through death or love unsuccessful

Both… try my strength… with equal cost

I have strength when I perceive failure

It allows me… to get back on my feet

To try again to reach dreams that appear broken

To persevere… to hope…to not admit defeat

I’ve gained my strength through all those that have loved me

Through the grace of my Father above

Through the words and touch of friends and family

I feel their respect, their support, their love

Strength is within each and every one of us

It lies deep but is within reach when needed most

It will carry, protect, and guide us

Our strength and compassion we should always hold close

When I cry it is not a symbol of weakness

For my tears bring forth strength from beneath

Each tear flows… carrying my strength to the surface

Washing away all that would attempt to ruin me

I am strong; know that nothing can destroy me

I am alive…I will always persevere

Short of God; nothing will ever stop me

My strength, my shield, will always be near


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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