What does the future hold?

I sometimes ask myself with fear.

I look at my child and wonder,

if I've prepared him for what is near.

I thought I had so much time

To teach him what was right.

But now I look at my son,

It seems he's grown up overnight.

I'm looking into the eyes of a man

And realizing I've run out of time.

The world, will now, be testing

The heart that was once mine.

I pray that he will always know,

I'll love him until the end.

He'll always have my heart,

As both mother and as friend.

I know I've made mistakes,

While his life was in my hands.

Now I can only pray...

That I've raised a "decent man".

My son will soon be leaving,

His purpose in life to find.

Have I succeeded as a mother?

So many questions come to mind.

Have I taught him to respect…

His life… and the life of others?
If someone reaches out to him…

Will he take the hand of his "brother"?

Will he always do his best?

Will he try to do what's "right"?

When temptation calls his name…

Will he never give in without a fight?

Will he be a man of good standing?...

Never turning his back on a "brother"?

Will he always be true to his word?...

Faithful to friends and to lovers?

Will he measure his success?...

Not in the possessions that he owns;

But by the love that others feel

When they are welcomed into his home?

And no matter where his life leads,

I pray… my son will know;

He will always have my heart with him,

No matter where he goes.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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