I am proud you are serving your country

You’ve chosen this lifeto protect those you love

You’ve grown from a boy into a soldier

Protection comes from brother and God above

You’ve learned to put your trust in those around you

You’ve been trained to depend on your fellow man

Trust his skills and the ethos of the military

Knowing each will give the bestthat he can

Your mission is to protect and defend this country

Orders will be followed; no matter the pain

The lives of others put before your own life

Even though through the risks; YOUsee no gain

You will fight for what is right without reservation

You will never admit defeatyou will not quit

For you have the strength of every soldier within you

Defeat as an optionyou will not admit

You will fightyou will gain strength in those around you

You are one”…your beliefs and goals the same

You carry those that may stumble among you

You honor the fallen; remembering each name

I am proud of my sonof my soldier

I am proud you honor this country and my beliefs

That you stand for every right that is allowed me

That my freedom is used daily without grief

For in this world there are so many that are held hostage

In our world held captive by the laws of their land

Not able to speak freely or worship God in the open

Family or self tortured or killed; should they take a stand

This freedom; this life so many take for granted

Is never free; but bought by the soldier; by the man

Bought by the blood and the sweat of My soldier

A son; a man... beforethe soldier’s life began

You are soldier; you are warrior; you are defender

But in my heartyou will always bethe child I love

I will always pray for God to protect you

As you honor our country; our freedom; and God above.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell





























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