When I think of my brother I remember our childhood

I see this boy from a long time ago

I remember how we played, how we fought, how we bantered

Now he’s a man with a family of his own


He’s become a hero, a soldier, a father

He’s willing to put his life on the line

For all he holds dear, he’ll fight for my freedom

He’ll leave all he loves, when it is time


He has a heart of gold; the courage of a lion

A godly life he strains to achieve

He balances life, the world all around him

He’s truly God’s soldier in all he believes


He’s a wonderful father and a loving husband

His family is more precious that silver or gold

He treasures his time he spends with his children

One woman to love; her heart he does hold


I admire my brother; the child I remember

I admire my brother; and the man he’s become

I pray God will guide him, keep him, and protect him

I pray that he always, safely, comes home


Remember me brother; the sister that adores you

Remember me brother; when I am gone

Know that I’ll always love and believe in you

And my heart holds a place for my brother; alone


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell 

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