Is love possible when your physical touch is a memory?

Can love continue to grow through words alone?

If I can’t touch you; can’t feel your embrace…

Will passion endure when our only touch is by phone?

This is the day of modern technology

We use them all: computers, cams, and phones

The modems of finding love; knowing no distance

Hoping to find true love; knowing no distance

Hoping to find true love; tired of being alone

The search for love has endured through the ages

The only difference is the way that it’s found

For love’s sake we’re willing to travel long distance

To give up all for love’s golden crown

We pray for love and all of its treasures

We want to surround ourselves in its glorious feel

But first we must decipher what love means to each of us

Is it excitement, lust, or a love that is real?

Because Modern Love relies on words and memories

Words easily spoken through the mind not the heart

And memories are interpreted different by each person

As time progresses and lives are lived apart

Distance has a way of complicating matters

Of holding the heart of love at bay

Hope and dreams so easily shattered

If trust is doubted in even the slightest way

Passion lives in memories of past encounters

And in the dreams of future rendezvous

Is this Modern Love or modern lust?

It depends whether we allow the mind or body to choose

Be honest with yourself and forthright with your intentions

Modern love is no different…from the past

We survive whether it dies or whether it lingers

But it takes both hearts if love is to last

So we’ll bind our time and see where this leads us

Give Modern Love a chance to blossom; to grow


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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