Midnight…is before me

Darkness has won again

Sleep and rest elude me

A heavy heart; my nightly friend


I lie here; stressed and anxious

No comfort…tonight is felt

I contemplate life before me

Worry over burdens…I’ve been dealt


I see the night…pass before me

My chance for rest is passing by

Midnight is the bewitching hour

Acknowledgement of…a sleepless night


My mind is shattered…by my worry

My body is…crying for sleep

With closed eyes; praying quiet will linger

Some semblance of rest my soul will keep


My heart is heavy; my mind is tired

I feel so desolate; so all alone

Midnight comes; too late yet too early

To seek solace through a voice by phone


Midnight comes; it allows no comfort

Night is nearly over; morning is soon to come

Tomorrow will dawn; with no rest for the weary

My search for answers… revealing; none



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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