Lovers and strangers

…One in the same

You think you know the person

But in reality; know only the game


Time passes before you

Intimate moments are shared

Every part of you explored

Not an inch of body is spared


Yet there are always secrets hidden

Moments… never to be known

Pieces of life not meant to be shared

Memories… better left alone


Mistakes in the life before you

Agendas within the present day

Hopefully you are the “new beginning”

And the agenda is for love; not play


For a lover can be a stranger

Can have you fooled by words and touch

Though prayers may seem to have been answered

Time; will be the indicator… of trust


Strangers will lie down beside you

Speak to you of hopes and dreams

Caress your mind, caress your body

Convince you they are all that they seem


Take time…beware of the stranger

Let the lover own your heart; only with time

Don’t rush…love will linger and blossom

If this is the love…you were meant to find


For the stranger may turn into the lover

For love …has a plan of its own

It overtakes, it conquers, and it envelops us

Be it by stranger, lover, or unknown.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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